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The Drama program at St Matthews is designed to foster confidence, team work, and the ability to think freely and creatively.

Students will be introduced to the concepts of improvisation, drama games, advertising, choreography/dance, storytelling and performance skills.

All activities involve an element of performance which is a skill that will be of valuable use to the students throughout their school life as well as their adult life. Drama is an invaluable tool that has been proven to help not only with confidence but with other learning areas within the school curriculum and later in the students’ life.

Our Space

The Drama room is a fun, engaging space, that fosters freedom and the ability to explore creative ideas outside a regular classroom. Those that struggle academically often find their ‘home’ in drama class and are encouraged to explore their other gifts and talents.

The cast from Nativity school performance.

Performance Opportunities

Each year, students are encouraged to audition to participate in the Nativity play which is presented at our annual Christmas Carols evening, and every three years, the entire student body participates in a school concert and the skills learned in drama class are a valuable contribution to this.

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